Installing Bulls n' Cows on Windows

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This article provides a visual guide to installing Bulls n' Cows on Windows, including Standard and Custom setup options. For general instructions that apply to all operating systems and for solutions to some common Windows installation problems, please e-mail me at


Downloading the installer

Make sure your computer meets the Bulls n' Cows System Requirements, then go to the Bulls n' Cows Download Page using any browser and download the latest version of the Bulls n' Cows installer or "setup file". The file that you download will be named for the Bulls n' Cows version number, for example, "BullsnCows_Setup_0-9-2.exe" is the installer file for Bulls n' Cows version 0.9.2. You can save the setup file to the desktop or any other location on your hard drive. When the download is finished, close the browser and any other running programs.

Starting the installation

Double-click the Bulls n' Cows Setup file. The Nsisim Bulls n' Cows Setup Wizard will open.

Image BullsnCows SetupWizard1.png

Review and accept the License Agreement, then click the Next button.

Image BullsnCows SetupWizard2.png

Choosing Optional Components

You have the choice to let the installer create a desktop shortcut, which is selected by default.

Image BullsnCows SetupWizard3.png

Choosing Install Location

This option allows you to choose the "Destination Folder", where Bulls n' Cows is installed. The default is C:\Program Files\Nsisim\BullsnCows\

Image BullsnCows SetupWizard4.png

Image BullsnCows SetupWizard5.png

Completing the installation

After Bulls n' Cows is installed, the Completing the Nsisim Bulls n' Cows Setup Wizard dialog will appear. Click the Finish button. If you leave the "Run Nsisim Bulls n' Cows now" box checked, Bulls n' Cows will then start. Similarly, if you leave the "Launch ReadMe" box checked, the Bulls n' Cows ReadMe file will be opened.

Image BullsnCows SetupWizard6.png
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